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Rif Care

PFA-Free Period Leakproof Underwear (available in 7 sizes)

PFA-Free Period Leakproof Underwear (available in 7 sizes)

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Protection 🤝 comfort. You don't have to choose. Rif Care's PFA-free leakproof underwear keeps you dry for up to 10 hours — that's two regular pads or tampons worth of absorbency. Made with a natural fiber blend, mid-rise fit, and sexy side-panel detail, these period panties provide the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Also keeps you covered when dealing with bladder leaks or for post-partum wear. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, reusable, easy to care for, and safe for every body. FSA and HSA eligible. 

Pair with Rif Care's Regular, Super, or Overnight pads for protection you can count on. 

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Use It Like This

Light Coverage: Can be worn for all day protection, up to 10 hours.

Moderate Coverage: Can be worn up to 8 hours before changing, or all day as backup for tampons, pads or menstrual cups.

Heavy Coverage: Can be worn up to 4 hours before changing, or as backup for pads, tampons, or cups if you tend to bleed through quickly. 


Body: 38% hemp fiber, 32% organic cotton, 25% Tencel (eucalyptus), 5% spandex. Side panels/trim: Nylon. Inner absorbent: Recycled polyester.

About the Brand

Rif Care is a wellness company that makes period care out of hemp fiber. They focus on providing safe and non-hormone disrupting cycle care solutions for women, with products that are 100% natural, sustainable, and pesticide-free — so they're good for your long-term health,andthe planet. Rif gives back by donating 2% of all sales to women through programs that support and uplift victims of family violence and sexual assault. 100% BIPOC women-owned. Follow Rif Care, here.

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