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Saaf Body

Face and Body Kese

Face and Body Kese

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Bring the Hammam experience home with this face and body kese. These transformative bath mitts are crafted from 100% natural poplar and birch bark and loom-woven in Bursa, Turkey for a traditional, authentic exfoliating treatment. Their spa-quality design helps to unclog pores, even skin tone, boost skin circulation, increase cell turnover, and remove dead skin cells to reveal glowing, smooth, youthful skin. Enjoy each mitt's revitalizing properties for 8—12 months. Set includes one face kese and one body kese.

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Use It Like This

Body Kese: Start by washing your body with soap and hot water to open your pores. Wet the Kese under hot water, and then gently massage your wet skin with slight back-and-forth pressure, moving from your neck down to your feet. Rinse the Kese with hot water multiple times during the process. After exfoliating, wash your body again and air dry the Kese. Follow with your favorite body moisturizer or oil.

Face Kese: Cleanse your face with warm water to open your pores. Wet the Kese under hot water and gently massage your skin in a back and forth motion, focusing on your t-zone. Rinse the Kese with hot water during the process as you may notice small rolls of dead skin. After exfoliating, wash your face again and air dry the Kese. Follow with the rest of your skincare routine.

If irritation occurs, please discontinue use.


100% natural poplar and birch bark. Loom-Woven in Bursa, Turkey.

About the Brand

Saaf Body is dedicated to bringing the essence of ancient Turkish skincare traditions and Middle Eastern beauty to a global audience. Inspired by the rich heritage of the region, Saaf curates products from artisans, preserving and sharing age-old skincare practices, offering the best in nature-based skincare, and transporting you to the enchanting world of Middle Eastern beauty rituals. The Saaf brand uses sustainably sourced ingredients and is certified clean, providing you with a sustainable and effective beauty routine. Follow Saaf Body, here

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