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Buff Experts

SRSLY Buffed In-Shower Exfoliating Gloves

SRSLY Buffed In-Shower Exfoliating Gloves

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Buff your way to your smoothest skin, yet. These spa-quality exfoliating gloves make sloughing away flaky skin, from the neck down, a breeze. Apply your favorite soap or body wash to these densely-woven wonders for a rich lather, thorough clean, and exceptional exfoliating experience. Regular use will prevent ingrown hairs, extend the results of hair removal treatments, and enhance the absorption of lotions and creams. One size fits all! 

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Use It Like This

Use long, upward sweeps on dry skin, against the direction of hair growth. Apply moderate pressure until dark skin appears matte or fair skin appears rosy. Shower and cleanse the skin after use, then apply your favorite body lotion, cream, or oil. But please, don't use this on your face! The exfoliation is real and not recommended for super sensitive skin or eczema.


100% polyester.

About the Brand

Buff Experts creates bold, plant-powered products for body care. While face skin gets all of the attention, the Buff Experts line of clean body care focuses on high-quality, natural ingredients to pamper and protect every gorgeous nook and cranny of your body. Influenced by the flora and fauna of co-founder Sina Zere's Habesha heritage, you can expect tried and true products to reclaim your health from your scalp to your skin and your intimate parts. Follow Buff Experts, here.

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