Collection: CoCo XO

CoCo XO, a woman-owned brand dedicated to holistic beauty, had its humble beginnings as a pandemic-inspired hobby. Kim, the visionary founder and an HBCU alumna of Virginia State University, embarked on a journey to master the art of soap making during those challenging times. Her initial motivation was to bring comfort and love to her friends and family by gifting them beautifully crafted soaps. As her handmade soaps and body creams filled homes with delightful scents, Kim realized the profound joy her creations brought to those around her. Fueled by this positive response, she made the decision to share her meticulously crafted, non-toxic products with a wider audience. Today, CoCo XO's collection of certified clean products continues to expand, a testament to Kim's unwavering passion for creating safe and natural beauty solutions that enhance lives. Follow CoCo XO, here.